Revolutionary Office Lithotomy Exam Boot

Are you a physician looking for better reimbursement, patient satisfaction, and procedural efficiency?Are you frustrated by the lack of control that you have when going to the hospital or surgery center to perform your cases? Have your cases been delayed? Are you tired of traveling to and from the hospital or surgery center and having to deal with delays?  Is room turnover time a money-wasting problem for you?

There is a way to simplify your life, and gain control over your case schedule. Learn how you can experience better patient satisfaction, procedural efficiency, and physician reimbursement by using the GStirrup® lithotomy exam boot in your office.

Learn more about the GStirrup® (U.S. and International patents pending) designed by a Board Certified OB/Gyn. Check out the photo gallery of the GStirrup® exam stirrup.

Why buy an expensive procedure table when you can make all your exam tables into procedure tables for a fraction of the cost?

Take a moment to look over your increased physician reimbursement while using the GStirrup® boot. Please review a comparison chart outlining your different options for office lithotomy solutions.

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